Nanbando has two options to communicate with other servers.

  1. Remotes: Storage to push and fetch backups.
  2. Servers: Uses SSH connection to execute commands on a remote server.


The remote-storage enhances the user to push backups to or fetch backups from a secure place. Nanbando uses for that the library flysystem which implements a really easy to use abstraction of different remote-storages.

Nanbando brings a lot of build in adapters:

  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • Azure
  • (S)FTP

This adapters can be configured in the global configuration.

You can then simply push your backups with php nanbando.phar push and fetch with php nanbando.phar fetch.


Servers enables nanbando to connect over ssh with other servers to execute different commands there or download backups directly to your local machine.

You can append the options --server to the following commands to execute the specified command there.

php nanbando.phar backup --server <server-name>
php nanbando.phar information <backup-name> --server <server-name>
php nanbando.phar get <server-name> <backup-name>

The last command will download the specified backup directly in your local directory to restore it locally. Servers can be configured in your global configuration or local project configuration. It depends if you want to share the configuration or keep it secret.