Nanabando was written with extensibility (see Extending) in mind. To keep the core as small as possible only one plugin is included in the application. But nanbando also provides optional plugins which can be installed by each backup-project.


You can use a plugin by adding it to the nanbando.json file. There you can configure it like other composer projects in the require section of the file.

    "name": "application",
    "backup": {
        "su_standard": {
            "plugin": "mysql",
            "parameter": {
                "username": "root",
                "database": "your_database"
    "require": {
        "nanbando/mysql": "^0.2"

To install this plugin run the reconfigure command. It will install the plugin with the embedded-composer and reconfigure the local application. After that you can run the backup command to backup the database and restore to restore the database.

Available Plugins

This list of plugins is currently quite small but there should be more plugins soonish.

  • nanbando/mysql - This plugin backups your mysql-database with the mysqldump command
  • nabando/jackrabbit - This plugin will backups your jackrabbit data by exporting into xml
  • nabando/sulu - This plugin provides presets and auto-detection for sulu applications